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Thermal Shock Chambers


The Thermal Shock Chambers from Giant Force Co. Ltd. – Taiwan are technically superior and at par with any reputed brands in the World but at a very reasonable price.  They are supplied either in 2 zone or 3 zone Models and each chamber is divided into 3 sections of a High temperature compartment, a low temperature and the Testing compartment and are supplied with internal chamber volume from 50 litres up to 300 litres.  The sub-zero temperatures of these chambers can be selected using optional CO2 or LN2 cooling system.

The Chambers has a very advanced colour touch panel control system with a memory capacity for storing up to 120 programmes and can be connected to a PC and all the test data can be down loaded for documentation.

These Chambers has many advanced as well as safety features like automatic shut down and warning sign if any mal-functions are encounted by the PLC.

The temperature ranges of the chamber are from -70º C up to +200º C.  The exteriors are built with stainless steel SUS#430 and the interiors with SUS#304 stainless steel and a good insulation between them using PU and Fibre Glass Wool.