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Salt Spray Test Chamber


Ascott make Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chambers are one of the most sophisticated and versatile Salt Spray Test Chambers available in the World market.

The Salt Spray Test (also known as Salt Fog / Salt Mist) has been the bench mark corrosion test in many industries for decades. With such a long history, so much test data and many international test standard written around it, it remains a very popular choice as a relatively quick comparative test, to check whether or not test samples corrode in accordance with expectations. Its main application is therefore to audit the effectiveness of your production process.

These Chambers are supplied with various internal volume size ranging from 450 litres to 2000 litres which can be selected depending upon the sample specimen size and the weight.

These Chambers has pneumatically operated canopy which automatically opens and closes and has many safety features like automatic purging of the salt fog before opening the canopy (hood). They also have a very low loading threshold for ease of loading / unloading of heavy samples. There are many special features that are incorporated as standard part of the system which makes it the most versatile and the chosen one for all the reputed customers Worldwide.