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rIQ Refractive Index of Glass

Measure and quantify the refractive index of glass

The Intelligent solution for glass refractive index measurement.

Automatic measurement of refractive index per ASTM and SWGMAT standards
Sophisticated algorithms for high precision glass refractive index measurement
Exceeds ASTM requirements for long term stability and reproducibility
Up to 20 measurement probes
Video recording of measurement procedure
When added to CRAIC microspectrometers, transmission, fluorescence and color spectra of glass fragments can also be measured.
Simple system calibration with glass standard reference materials
Long term system and environmental conditions are monitored and stored.
Precision temperature control
Automatic statistical analysis
Data is stored in database and includes refractive index data, sample identification and description, environmental conditions and more.
Intuitive user interface
Offered as a turnkey standalone package, as an add-on package to CRAIC microspectrophotometers and as an upgrade to older RI measurement systems already in the field.
Easy to use and maintain

rIQ™ glass refractive index measurement as part of the CRAIC Elixir
rIQ™ Software