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Mecatome T180

A new generation precision cutting machine
Robustly built with compact dimensions, it has the ability to cut a wide range of materials (from the hardest to the softest).
The large tactile screen provides an easy to use interface to control all cutting parameters and display X-axis positioning of the cut.



Mecatome T210

MECATOME T210 provides for rapid cutting of medium size parts and the possibility of multiple serial sections with the optional X axis drive. Positional accuracy and a range of speeds is ensured with the use of high precision motors for the Y axis and the optional X axis. Cutting of even the most difficult materials is ensured with the powerful cutter motor and Y axis motion being optimized and under automated control. The work area under the hood is spacious, well lit and equipped with a “T” slot table compatible with most clamping systems available. Sample cooling and lubrication can be by the internal self- contained system or through the use of an external re-circulating system.

Mecatome T300

A manual or automated abrasive cut-off machine
MECATOME T300 is a powerful, robust and reliable cut-off machine employing the latest technologies to ensure ease of use and simplified maintenance. A choice of 250mm or 300mm diameter cut-off wheels coupled with variable rotational speed and automated feed provides the optimum cutting condition for a wide range of materials.
The MECATOME T300 has been designed with the need to be able to easily accommodate samples that are longer than the chamber through the use of removable side ports.



Mecatome T330

High capacity cutting machine
MECATOME T330 is specially designed to be able to accommodate larger samples. With the raised cutting bed, unobstructed large cutting chamber and large hood with side ports, even very long pieces are easily mounted for transverse sectioning. For repeated serial transverse sections there is an optional motorised X-axis table available.
The latest technology in motors and motor control is used for the X and Y drives to give optimum feed control and positional accuracy. Once set, control of the cutting motor speed and Y axis feed rate is automated to provide the optimal cut in the shortest time. The cutting chamber of the MECATOME T330 is very spacious, well lit and easy to clean. It is supplied with a large cutting table mounted with interchangeable stainless steel T slot beds that will accommodate a wide range of sample fixturing devices. Cutting wheel change is easy with the unobstructed design of the wheel guard and the built in arbor lock.

EVO 400
EVO 400 brings a cutting solution for large samples (200mm high).
This new machine - perfect for workshops - combines sturdiness and ease of use.
Its programming guarantees cut repeatability. For ergonomic reasons, it is equipped with a motorised hood and a touchscreen, making the man-machine interface easier.
* Customisable

EVO 400



EVO 500
Equipped with the latest technologies EVO 500 can accept work pieces up to 200kg in weight and up to 240mm
in height on its 600mm x 600mm cutting table. Perfect for cutting very large pieces, EVO 500 has the benefit of a very
powerful cutting motor coupled with feed rate sensors and exceptional control software to ensure optimal operation.
Designed with even the smallest details in mind, the operator will benefit from a number of ease-of-use ergonomic
features such as: motorised hood lift, automated wash down cycle for cleaning and easy access of large parts
to the cutting table.