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Humidity Chambers from Ascott



  • A range of 6 saturated humidity and salt spray cabinets.
  • Two sizes, with either 500 or 1000 Litre internal capacities (16.6 / 35.3 cu ft).
  • Robust glass reinforced plastic (GRP) construction, a durable impact resistant material with strong chemical and corrosion resistant properties to ensure a long life.
  • Fully transparent and seamless domed roof providing 360° visibility, self-supporting when open.

  • SP salt spray cabinets equipped with an advanced control system featuring a peristaltic pump based salt water delivery system, coupled with a user adjustable precision speed controller, to ensure consistent salt fog fall-out rates during long-term unattended testing.


Key Features

Precise temperature controlled, high humidity environment. Water held in a sump located in the cabinet base, is heated by an immersion heater to generate water vapour.

As water vapour evaporates, it saturates the cabinet atmosphere with moisture. Test samples in the cabinet, below the dew-point temperature of the saturated air, will develop surface condensation.

By careful design the high humidity environment is achieved without the need for a circulation fan, which would otherwise have to endure the hostile, high humidity environment.

Safety cut-outs ensure the immersion heater is automatically isolated if the water reservoir runs dry.

User can program either a single set temperature, or automatically cycle the cabinet temperature between two different temperatures for user defined periods of time.

Automatic filling and topping up of the humidity water reservoir if connected to a pressurised water supply