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Hand Abrasion Tester

Functionality of a product is considered as a matter  of course, so the perception of quality is determined
primarily by the visual appearance. Damage to a surface by the human hand is one of the main reason for disturbance of the products quality perception. The hand abrasion is a very complex chemical and mechanical combination. By touching a surface the human hand performs a mechanical strike followed by a push-slide force. The human hand consists of a visco elastic material containing a rough and structured surface. In addition, sweat or hand cream creates a severe chemical environment.



The TRIBOTOUCH instrument is designed to do real life testing of finished products or lab samples in regards of resistance to hand abrasion. The set-up of the TRIBOTOUCH is exactly reproducing the complex chemo mechanical system of the human hand abrasion according to international standards. The flexible design of the TRIBOTOUCH allows various options and delivers reproducible results.