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CoalPro for Vitrinite Reflectance

Organic petrographic analysis measuring vitrinite reflectance

Measure vitrinite reflectance of coal, kerogen and petroleum source rock quickly and easily.


  • High sensitivity detector with low noise and long term stability
  • CRAIC CoalPro™ software to calculate reflectance per ISO 7404 and ASTM D2798standard test methods.
  • CRAIC Vitrinite Reference Materials available
  • Precision 546 nm reflectance measurements
  • Can be upgraded to full rangemicrospectroscopy
  • Can be upgraded to fluorescencemicrospectroscopy
  • The only coal reflectance system that also incorporates color digital imaging.
  • Upgrade your old coal reflectance system with supported technology
  • Manual or fully automated operation
  • Precision temperature control of samples
  • Specialized software including statistical analysis, spectral databasing, image analysis and more
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • From the experts in microspectroscopy


CoalPro III™ for vitrinite reflectance