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Climatic Test Chamber


These chambers are also known as Environmental Test Chambers, Climatic Test Chambers as well as Thermal Cyclic Chambers. They are manufactured by Giant Force Co. Ltd. – Taiwan and comes in table top as well as floor standing models. All the chambers are Microprocessor based with fully programmable capabilities of temperature and humidity with many options like vibration testing. The chambers are supplied with a touch screen display and a micro computer where various programs can be created and the data and results can be retrieved in the form of curves and test reports.

The chambers have various internal volume sizes ranging from 150 litres to 5000 litres with a competition of only temperature or combined temperature and humidity.


Technical Specification:


  • Temp. range -70º C ~ +180º C 
  • Humidity range 10% ~ 98% RH 
  • Temp. & Humidity Consistency ± 0.2º C - ± 2.5% RH
  • Heat up time 2º - 3º per minute (higher heat up time is available on request)
  • Pull down time 2º per minute