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Apollo Raman™ Microspectrometer


Power and Speed: Apollo II™ Raman Microspectrometer




    The Apollo II™ Raman microspectrometer: reliable, robust and powerful.

    • High performance Raman microspectroscopy
      Robust, reliable and powerful
    • Use alone or add to a CRAIC UV-vis-NIR microspectrophotometer.
    • One, two or three lasers may be incorporated
    • Laser wavelengths offered include 405, 532, 638, 785, 830 nm and more
    • Solid state Lightblades™ Raman spectrometers for high sensitivity and speed
    • Scanning Raman spectrometers for ultra-high resolution and spectral range
    • Photoluminescence microspectroscopy
    • Raman spectral mapping
    • Time-resolved Raman microspectroscopy
    • Easy to use and maintain
    From the experts in microspectroscopy

CRAIC Apollo II Raman Spectrometer

Raman spectrum of aspirin