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Advance Cyclic Corrosion Chamber



Fully automatic laboratory – accelerated atmospheric corrosion testing to:

  • ISO 16701
  • Ford CETP 00.00-L-467
  • Volvo VCS 1027, 149 (ACT-1)
  • Volvo VSC 1027, 1449 (ACT -2)
  • Volvo STD 423-0014
  • Volvo STD 1027-1375
  • GMW  14872
  • CCT1 & CCT2
  • VDA 621 -415
  • Scania STD 4319


Plus all standards achieved by Ascott standard CCT Chambers.

The Atmosfar Lite test chamber has been specifically designed to facilitate fully automatic testing in accordance with highly demanding laboratory – accelerated corrosion tests, which have become increasingly popular, particularly in the automotive industry. These tests are cyclic in nature and comprise exposure to controlled and varying conditions of temperature and humidity, with intermittent spraying of a salt solution

Such testing can be used to:

  • Develop and qualify new corrosion resistant products
  • Develop new pre-treatments and finishing process
  • Select materials and
  • Perform qualify control of the finished product.

In addition, Atmosfar Lite chambers have been designed so that a wide variety of other corrosion tests can be conducted within them. For added flexibility, Atmosfar Lite chambers also retain the ability to perform conventional salt spray tests and Cyclic Corrosion Test (CCT) in accordance with a wide range of international test standards.

The Atmosfar Lite is for corrosion test standards that do not require sub zero temperatures, for sub-zero requirements see the Ascott Atmosfar.